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The Great Depression Project

Causes of the Great Depression
The Human Impact of the Great Depression
The New Deal

By Matthew Garcia

The Great Depression
Great Depression in Oakland, 1934

The Crash of 1929 that sent the world's economy plummeting into Great Depression ravaged Oakland, a city that was heavily dependent on its manufacturing and service-industry jobs. In this picture, unemployed men line up for handouts in Oakland in 1934.

During the 20's, there were many advancements in transportation, availability of consumer goods, and advertising.  Henry Ford perfected the assembly line.  His factories were producing a Model T every 24 seconds.  Advancements in farming allowed crops to be more available.  Also the introduction of the billboard helped advertise new products.  The creative pictures on the billboards enticed consumers to buy their products.

During the roaring 20's, the economy seemed healthy.  Advances in technology and advertisement created more opportunities to purchas goods.  The advertising and the economic boom made the people think that they needed a product that was not necessary.  People began buying on credit.  The Great Depression began in1929. Other things such as inflation, over production, and stock prices triggered the Great Depression.